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Whole Life

A lifetime of protection

With our Whole Life options, you can help make sure your loved ones receive guaranteed benefits after you’re gone – no matter when that is.

  • Dividends Options

    Although not guaranteed, we have a history of paying dividends to our policy holders.

  • Fixed Benefits

    Feel good knowing your loved ones will receive their benefits on the terms you’ve defined.

Term Life

Fixed monthly payments and level payouts

Your kids grow up, your mortgage gets paid off and your financial needs change. With Term Life, you have coverage options without a lifelong commitment.

People choose Term Life for a variety of reasons:

  • Helps with costs to defend and settle claims against your business, including property damage and bodily injury.

  • Affordable Coverage – Only pay for the years when your family needs it most

  • Adapts to You – Coverage that can adapt to you, such as receiving benefits early to cover an illness

  • Flexibility You Need – Convert your coverage to permanent life insurance if your needs change

*Subject to the policy’s conversion provision.

Universal Life

More flexibility but the same lifelong coverage

Like Whole Life, Universal Life is considered a permanent life insurance policy. So what’s different? Universal Life gives you the flexibility to adjust both your payments and payout amounts as your journey unfolds.

Flexible Premiums

You may be able to adjust how much you pay into your policy as long as you keep enough available cash value

Flexible Benefits

You have the ability to increase or decrease your death benefits

Loan Access

You can borrow against a portion of your policy’s cash value to help you pay for the unexpected

Optional Riders

Riders help you customize your policy with options like disability waivers, extending coverage and covering your kids

Universal Life policy values are interest-rate sensitive. Interest crediting rates are set by the insurer and subject to policy-specific requirements.
Indexed Universal Life

Earning opportunities that you can pass on

Your policy can be tied to a particular stock index, such as the S&P 500®, and earn credited interest based on its performance. As an added benefit, your policy will never be credited a negative interest rate.

  • Flexible Premiums – you may be able to make adjustments to your payments as long as your policy has enough value

  • Flexible Benefits – Policies may allow you to increase or decrease certain benefits

  • Loan Access – You can borrow against a portion of your policy in order to meet unexpected financial needs

  • Optional Riders – Many policies offer riders that can be customized to help you accelerate benefits, change and even extend your coverage

Indexed Universal Life policy values are interest-rate sensitive. Interest crediting rates are set by the insurer and subject to policy-specific requirements.

Guaranteed Universal Life

There when you need it

  • Customize the Length of Your Guaranteed Death Benefit

    Whether you only need coverage to a certain age or a guarantee that can last a lifetime, you can select the guarantees that work for you.

  • Cash out the Policy at a Later Date if Your Needs Change

    If your circumstances change or you no longer need life insurance, the Guaranteed Cash-Out Rider may be your way to restore financial stability.

  • Ease Financial Strain by Accelerating the Death Benefit

    Should you become terminally ill, a full or partial accelerated death benefit may be available to you, providing an unrestricted cash benefit for you to use for any purpose.

Fixed Deferred Annuity

Replace market uncertainty with the predictability of guaranteed interest rates and sleep easy at night knowing exactly what your money is earning.

  • Tax Deferred Growth – Allow your initial investment to grow tax-free, then only pay taxes on income you actually receive

  • Fixed Rate of Return – Have peace of mind and eliminate market uncertainty knowing exactly what your money is earning

  • Access Your Money – Choose from several options for partial withdrawals or conversions to income payments, subject to taxes and surrender charges

  • Optional Benefit Rider – Choose the optional Lifetime Income Rider to guarantee you never outlive your income. Receive guaranteed income for life even when your annuity value is zero.

*Not available in all states

Single Premium Immediate Annuity

From insurance proceeds to retirement payouts, a single premium immediate annuity can turn a lump sum of money into a predictable stream of income.

  • Keep More Of What You Make – Spreading your income over a number of years may make your tax liability more manageable

  • Predictability – Structure your payments by choosing the amount you want to receive and for how long

  • Access Your Funds – If you unexpectedly need cash, there are options that may help suit your needs (subject to taxes and surrender charges)

Index Deferred Annuity

Protect your principal, while still allowing your money to participate in whatever upside the market may bring.

*The performance of the index cannot be predicted over any give period of time. Past history is no guarantee of future performance.

  • Your Investment performance will be tied to an index, giving it upside potential, while avoiding losses during negative economic years

  • Avoid taxes eating into your earnings and only pay them when you actually receive the money

  • Choose from several options for partial withdrawals or conversions to income payments, subject to taxes and surrender charges

  • The optional Lifetime Income Rider provides an income stream that is guaranteed for life, even if your annuity value falls to zero

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